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American Bald Eagle Cares For His Mate

American Bald Eagle Cares For His Mate

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Some of America’s most famous eagles recently welcomed three brand-new eggs. It’s nesting season in California’s San Bernadino mountains, where the bald eagle named Shadow is taking supreme care of his wife, Jackie.

The fascinating comings and goings of the feathered couple, captured on a special “eagle cam,” are watched by hundreds of thousands all over the world on Friends of Big Bear Valley and Big Bear Eagle Nest Cam’s dedicated Facebook page. Between Jan. 25 and 31, Jackie laid three “beautiful, perfect” eggs, to the clear delight of her partner.

Sandy Steers, the executive director of Friends of Big Bear Valley, told The Epoch Times that Shadow wasn’t aware of what had taken place when he first arrived at the nest the morning after Jackie laid her third egg.

“He was acting normal, bringing a stick and making sure she was okay, like usual. Then she stood up, and he looked underneath, kind of doing a double take, like, ‘Did I really see what I saw?’” Ms. Steers said.

When the male bald eagle realized his wife was incubating a clutch of eggs, Ms. Steers says, his caring side went into overdrive.

The reason everyone is so hooked on their antics, Ms. Steers says, is that each of the birds has their own very distinct personality. Eagles typically mate for life, but Jackie did have a previous mate.

“[He was] kind of wimpy, and she just bossed him around,” she said. But with Shadow it’s different. With him, she’ll actually pay attention “if he’s serious about wanting something.”

Like many couples, eagle husbands and wives switch between affection and the occasional rift, which is usually about whose turn it is to incubate the eggs.