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Baby Colic Relief

Baby Colic Relief

A concerned mother called the office with an emergency. Her two-month-old had not pooped and was experiencing colic’s. The babies crying greatly worried the mother. She asked if I could help. She brought baby Judy in and laid her on the massage table.  Baby Judie’s father also came along with the grandmother and uncle. They were all very curious to know how I was going to help relieve baby Judy’s colic. Because of the baby continuing to fuss it was obvious she was in the fight or flight stress response which reduces blood flow to various places in the body including the elimination process and reduced energy flow in the lymphatics.

I decided to calm baby Judy by holding energy points at the base of the throat and temple to offer relief from the fight or flight stress response. Two responses happened, one the baby calmed down and the large intestine would eventually relax.

Next, I continued to work to simulate energy flow by gently massaging the baby’s neuro-lymphatics located below the clavicle, along the breastbone, along the ribcage, around the navel, and above the hip bone.

Next, I used my hands to move energy from the top of the hip bone to the bottom of the rib cage this opens the ileocecal valve so elimination can resume.

Next, I applied an essential oil blend called gentle baby and frankincense to the abdomen working them in with a gentle counterclockwise massage. Both essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties. The scent of Gentle Baby evokes tranquil, nurtured feelings. I also applied a few drops to the bottom of the feet and along the spine.

The baby released gas the mother confirmed baby Judy had pooped. Everyone in the room sighed with relief. The grandmother asked if I could do the same for her. I responded, “make an appointment”.

The mother’s worry was relieved. Baby Judy’s coo confirmed contentment. All was well once again. The mother went home with more wisdom about the lymphatics, energy body, essential oils and confidence she could help baby Judy if another incident occurred.